Billy Butcher

a.k.a. William J. Butcher, a.k.a. The Butcher


A British soldier and mercenary before being recruited into "The Boys," a secret organization dedicated to keeping superhumans in line (and eliminating those that need to be taken out). Butcher eventually devised a plan of his own to kill all superhumans (including his own teammates). After killing Mother's Milk, The Frenchman, and The Female, Butcher fought his last surviving teammate Wee Hughie on top of the Empire State Building. During the fight, Butcher and Hughie fell onto a lower platform; Butcher broke his neck and was paralyzed by the fall. Rather than face life in prison as a paraplegic, Butcher goaded Hughie into finishing him off by falsely claiming that he had already killed Hughie's family. Enraged, Hughie impaled Butcher with a metal spike to the chest, killing him.

First Appearance:Edit

The Boys #1 (Oct. 2006)

Died in:Edit

The Boys #71 (Oct. 2012)

Current Status:Edit


Killed by:Edit

Wee Hughie

Created by:Edit

Garth Ennis (writer), Darick Robertson (artist)

Killed Off by:Edit

Garth Ennis (writer), Russel Braun (artist)