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As often as comic-book characters die and come back, sometimes it's hard to keep track of who's dead and who's alive (and who WAS dead but is now alive again). With this wiki, we can keep track of who dies in which issue.

The site will not be limited to heroes and villains; we can include any comic-book character who has died: Major, minor, and even anonymous 'extras.' It's all in good fun, so 'notability' does not have to be a factor. Similarly, we are not limited to the super-hero genre, but can include characters from any genre of comic: Western, horror, crime, war, etc.

Have fun, and let the bodycount begin!


For consistency, I am following this basic format for the character pages:

  1. Mini-biography: A brief account of the circumstances of the character's death (and resurrection, when applicable). We don't need to go into the character's full history, as that could get very convoluted for longtime characters.
  2. First Appearance: The comic issue in which they first appeared.
  3. Died in: The issue in which they died. Can include flashback scenes from later issues that also depict their deaths.
  4. Current Status: Whether or not the character is still dead, or has been brought back to life.
  5. Killed by: The character who killed them in-story.
  6. Created by: The writer and artist(s) who introduced the character.
  7. Killed Off by: The writer and artist(s) who created the story in which they died. (It is an important distinction between "Killed by" and "Killed Off by"!)
  8. (optional) Alternate Versions: Instances of the character being killed in an out-of-continuity story (e.g., Marvel's What If? or DC's Elseworlds specials)
  9. Gallery: Scans of the relevant panel(s) depicting their death scenes.

Thank you very much! Have fun!

Male Characters:Edit

An index of male comic-book characters who have died.

Female Characters:Edit

An index of female comic-book characters who have died.

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