Country Mama's death


A super-strong member of the minor-league super-hero group Team Titanic, Country Mama was in a meeting with Vought-American executives James Stillwell and Jess Bradley when they were attacked by The Frenchman and The Female. In the ensuing skirmish, Country Mama put the Frenchman in a headlock (but was unable to prevent him from killing Regina Dentata). Her teammate The Starlike attacked the Frenchman with a poorly-aimed blast of energy, which severed the Frenchman's arm but accidentally decapitated Country Mama.

First Appearance:Edit

The Boys #61 (Dec. 2011)

Died In:Edit

The Boys #63 (Feb. 2012)

Current Status:Edit


Killed by:Edit

The Starlike

Created by:Edit

Garth Ennis (writer), Russell Braun (artist)

Killed Off by:Edit

Garth Ennis (writer), Russell Braun (artist)