The infamous death of Gwen Stacy from Amazing Spider-Man #121


The longtime girlfriend of Peter Parker. She was abducted by the Green Goblin and taken to the top of a bridge (referred to as the George Washington Bridge in the text, although artist Gil Kane actually drew the Brooklyn Bridge). In the course of Spider-Man's fight with the Goblin, the Goblin knocked her off of the bridge. Spider-Man attempted to rescue her by catching her with his webbing, but the whiplash of the sudden stop snapped her neck.

First Appearance:Edit

Amazing Spider-Man #31 (Dec. 1965)

Died in:Edit

Amazing Spider-Man #121 (June 1973)

Current Status:Edit

Still dead

Killed by:Edit

Norman Osborn

Created by:Edit

Stan Lee (writer), Steve Ditko (artist)

Killed Off by:Edit

Gerry Conway (writer), Gil Kane (penciler), John Romita (inker)