a.k.a. The White Zombie

Marie Morgan shot by Jason Morgan in The Crypt of Terror #19

Mini-Biography: Edit

Marie Morgan was the wife of Jason Morgan, a plantation owner in Haiti. While her drunken, abusive husband was cruel to the native workers, she sympathized with them and treated them kindly. The workers rewarded her kindness by allowing her to participate in their voodoo rituals, but when Morgan found her dancing with the natives, he angrily shot her in the back. Later on, the natives revived Marie as a zombie; the undead Marie relentlessly pursued her husband through the jungle until he drowned in a quicksand bog. She blindly followed him into the bog as well. One year later, the natives recovered her body and attempted to revive her again, but the ceremony was interrupted when photographer Daniel King took a picture of the ritual; Marie Morgan fell dead once again before she could be fully restored to life.

First Appearance: Edit

The Crypt of Terror #19; "Zombie"

Died In: Edit

The Crypt of Terror #19; "Zombie"

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Killed By: Edit

Jason Morgan

Created By: Edit

Johnny Craig (writer/artist)

Killed Off By: Edit

Johnny Craig (writer/artist)