Marvel Premiere 23-01

Marvel Premiere #23

Marvel Premiere #23 (August 1975)

"The Name Is...Warhawk!"


In the story introducing the assassin known as Warhawk, several people were killed when Warhawk opened fire on Riverside Park with a sniper rifle, as Warhawk was experiencing a flashback to his traumatic experiences in Vietnam and hallucinating that his victims were Vietnamese villagers. Daniel Rand (a.k.a. Iron Fist) was present during the shooting spree, and rescued a young boy from the line of fire before determining Warhawk's position and confronting him. At the end of the battle, Warhawk fell into the sea and was presumed drowned (though he later returned).


  • Unidentified man walking his dog
  • Unidentified woman carrying groceries
  • Unidentified man and woman running in panic
  • Unidentified police officer shot as he attempts to rescue the boy
  • Two unidentified police officers killed when Warhawk blows up their car


Chris Claremont (writer), Pat Broderick (pencils), Bob McLeod (inks)