a.k.a. The Female of the Species


Born in Japan, the woman known only as "The Female" was exposed to the mutagenic chemical Compound V as an infant, developing super-powers immediately. Raised in captivity in a corporate laboratory, she grew into a savage, unspeaking killer. After escaping from the laboratory, she was found by the organization known as "The Boys," who took her in and put her deadly nature to good use. She developed a particular closeness to her teammate The Frenchman, who learned how to interpret her silence and became her translator. When their teammate Billy Butcher devised a plan to eliminate all superhumans, Butcher planted a bomb in the Boys' headquarters. Discovering the bomb too late to remove or defuse it, the Frenchman finally declared his love to the Female before the explosion killed them both.

First Appearance:Edit

The Boys #2 (Oct. 2006)

Died in:Edit

The Boys #69 (Aug. 2012)

Current Status:Edit


Killed by:Edit

Billy Butcher

Created by:Edit

Garth Ennis (writer), Darick Robertson (artist)

Killed Off by:Edit

Garth Ennis (writer), Russell Braun (artist)